Precision Engineered
Sports Fishing Equipment
for the Saltwater Sportsman
Our Mission
“Tigress® Quality”
Accept No Imitations
Since our inception 23 years ago, our mission has been to raise the bar for innovation, quality, ease of use, and convenience on our products offered to the
salt water sports fishing enthusiast.

All Aluminum Outriggers are constructed of cold drawn aluminum for maximum strength and durability. We then use a state of the art anodizing process to
protect and color enhance them. Every accessory is constructed of the best materials we could find to give the maximum service and life. Tigress® uses only
300 series stainless or 316 stainless steel in every rod holder and outrigger holder.

“Say Hello to Simplicity”
Patented TigerShark I Electronically operated LineRigger Top mount and the TigerShark II Manually Operated LineRigger top Mount offer the user the
“Simplicity” of deploying their outriggers both up and out to fishing deployment, all from the safety and convenience of your console. A simple push of the
control switch for the electronic version or a few cranks of the handle for the manual version and you are fishing.
The newest of our TigerShark Series of Top mount outrigger holders.
This model features a bottom mounted crank assembly for ease of deployment. Simply push up on the handle to release the gears and turn 17 times to
complete deployment of your outriggers to maximum bait spread. Then simply pull handle down to lock into place. Simultaneous up and out motion eliminates
climbing the gunnels to adjust your outriggers, A simple turn of the handle does it all. Total deployment and position adjustment. Will fit all prepared t-tops
with 3” mounting hole and all hard tops up to 2 1/2” thick with pre-drilled holes. Allowing for the lowest profile under your t-top or hard top of any top
mount outrigger holder in the industry.

We have and will continue to expand our quality offerings of fine products and accessories making the Tigress® Product Line of Outriggers and Gear the
Standard of Quality and Excellence.