Choosing the Right Rigging Kit

There are several different rigging options available for anglers to choose from when setting up outriggers to go bluewater trolling. There are so many choices that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. However, it’s not as complicated as it seems. There are a few factors to keep in mind when choosing the right rigging components for your outriggers.

The first thing to consider when selecting a rigging option is price. Some components will get the job done, and some make rigging and running lines a breeze. Better components will cost more, but they will make your fishing trip run smoother. After cost, you’ll want to think about how many lines you wish to fish per outrigger. If you plan to fish more than one line per outrigger, you will need pulley components capable of handling two or three outrigger lines.

Kit Components
Tigress Outriggers & Gear has a full line of outrigger components. They carry all the parts and pieces necessary for anglers to rig a basic beginner setup and all the items needed to run a triple line setup. Tigress has comprehensive rigging kits that include everything you need to get your outriggers rigged and lines in the water. Six full rigging kits contain all the components to rig two outrigger poles and two specialty kits.

The six full Tigress rigging kits include everything you need. Snubbers, release clips, pulleys, outrigger line, and hardware to secure the pulleys to the gunnels are included in the six complete rigging kits. The difference between the kits will be the pulley components. The Economy, Deluxe and Deluxe Pro have a very simplified pulley component made of a simple smooth ring. The ring is attached to a bungee secured to the gunnel. The ring acts as a pulley and guide, sending and returning the release clip to and from the boat. It’s a straightforward design that’s cost-effective and gets the job done.

The Elite, Ultimate, and Triple Rigging Kits are put together using top of the line parts. Each of these kits includes an actual block and pulley component that sends and retrieves release clips with ease and authority. The Ultimate Rigging Kit’s pulley block has two wheels. This pulley allows anglers to run two outrigger lines per outrigger, which in turn enable the angler to troll four different baits, two off of each outrigger. The Triple Rigging Kit takes things up a notch. A pulley block with three wheels allows anglers to run three outrigger lines per outrigger, giving anglers a possible six bait spread. The Triple Rigging Kit is a great option for anglers with large boats using 18′ outrigger poles.

Tigress offers two more rigging kits that are more specialized to perform specific tasks. The Center Rigger Kit comes with enough components to rig one outrigger. It is perfect for boats with a center outrigger and is excellent for running a teaser. Last but not least is the Center Tag Line Kit. This unique prefabricated kit is a well-kept secret for reducing the amount of slack that can occur in a line after a strike, helping anglers increase their bite to catch ratio.