Kite Fishing: Everything You Need to Know

Kite fishing is an excellent technique for catching a variety of species. It gives anglers the advantage of presenting baits in a variety of ways. Much like an outrigger, a kite line can handle rigging with multiple release clips. Multiple release clips will allow anglers to present various baits at different distances from the boat. It’s essential to be able to offer baits at varying distances to key in on where in the water column the fish are predominantly feeding.

Depth of water is another critical factor to consider while kite fishing. Start at a noted depth and work with the current to key in on another depth. Think as if where you started fishing from is point A and where you’re fishing a drift to is point B, noting the strikes you get while working the drift. Now you can focus on a smaller area between the two depths. Once you reach a certain depth in your drift, it’s time to reel in and reset, making your time on the water more productive.

Kite fishing favors the bold and inventive, not just those with boats. Originating and perfected for catching Mahi, Sailfish, and tuna off the Southeastern coast of Florida, anglers all over the globe are discovering the advantages of kite fishing. Shore-based longline fisherman are having great success using kites to get their baits past breaking waves and into areas where snapper and other large fish hang out. Giant Bluefin tuna anglers are using the technique out in California.

Tigress Outriggers & Gear is a one-stop for all kite fishing needs. Tigress offers a comprehensive line of fishing kites, kite rod holders, and a vast assortment of kite fishing accessories.

Choosing the Right Kite
The Specialty Lite Wind Kite flies in 5-10 mph winds, perfect for those calmer days on the water. The kite is constructed using heavy-duty white nylon fabric, easy to spot if the kite ends up in the water. The All-Purpose Kite will fly steady in 10-15 mph winds, an excellent option for gusty conditions. Its hi-vis yellow color makes it easy to keep track of in the sky and quick to find in the water. The Hi-Velocity Kite comes in hi-vis blue and is capable of handling strong winds of 15 mph and up, making it a worthy adversary for those sportier days on the water. Each kite comes equipped with lightweight spars constructed of 100% carbon graphite. One extra spar is included with every kite.

Kite Rod Holders
Tigress Outriggers & Gear manufactures seven variations of kite rod holders and kite rod clusters. Crafted using anodized aluminum or cold drawn high polished anodized aluminum the rod holders and clusters are built to last with an aesthetic to match any boat. The rod holders are designed to hold the kite rod and at least one fishing rod. The Dual Kite Rod holder is set up in this configuration. The other four-rod holder options accommodate a kite rod and two additional fishing rods in various layouts, one of which includes a pair of cup holders. Not only are all these options functional for kite fishing, but they are great for rod storage and keeping deck spaces neat and tidy.

Kite Rigging Accessories
Tigress Outriggers & Gear has all the kite rigging accessories necessary to accommodate novice kite fishing anglers and professional guides. Kite line assemblies and kite braid are available in 100, 80, and 50-pound tests and include clips and swivels. Tigress has a large assortment of kite line release clips satisfying any preference an angler might have. Ceramic kite rings, kite line marker tape, kite balloons, kite strings, kite line markers, and kite ring assemblies are available in a comprehensive rigging kit or can be purchased individually.