Utilizing Balloons for Kite Fishing

When targeting large pelagic species, no technique works quite like kite fishing. However, when wind conditions are low or nonexistent, your kite will need some assistance. Helium balloons are the best solution to get your kite up in the air and fish on your line.

When putting together a balloon kite rig, you are going to need a large balloon, fishing kite, kite thong, electrical tape, and possibly some split shot weights. The best way to affix the balloon to the kite is by using a kite thong. Kite thongs come in three or four-legged configurations, are fully adjustable, and are simple to rig. Slide the ends of the kite thong over the spares of the kite and adjust them to hold the balloon snug to the kite, making it one cohesive unit. Ensure easy installation by making sure the thong is already fixed to the kite and is in the fully open position before wrapping the thong around the balloon. Secure the balloon to the back of the kite, where the spares intersect. Use a piece of rigging floss to tie the balloon to the center of the kite. Be sure not to use monofilament. The sharp edges on your tag could pop the balloon.

Once the balloon is tied tight to the kite, slide the thong over the balloon. Then, tighten and adjust each of the legs of the thong. Adjust the balloon to the exact position you want the kite to fly in. Balloon flight direction is determined by where the balloon is situated on the kite. To fly a kite left, fix the balloon to the right side of the kite. To fly a kite right, fix the balloon to the left side of the kite.

Once you have the thong over the balloon and placed in the desired location, use a few small pieces of electrical tape to secure the thong to the balloon to keep it from moving in flight. The balloon and kite need to be one cohesive unit; the marriage between the kite and balloon must be tight for them to fly correctly. After the balloon and kite are secure and flying properly, you can make minor adjustments by adding split shots to the side of the kite to make it bank even further to the left or right.

Being able to manipulate the direction your kite is flying will give you the ability to work a larger spread and manage multiple lines in the water. With one kite off of the bow and one kite off the stern, you can use balloons to steer the kites in opposite directions, making that large spread a reality and covering as much water as possible.

Tigress Outriggers & Gear has all the tools necessary to get those kites flying when the wind conditions won’t. Tigress balloons are biodegradable and made of 100% pure latex. They include three clips and are sold in pairs. Tigress kite strings, or kite thongs, are sold in three and four-legged options and are complete with heavy-duty swivels on the end of each leg. The adjusters on the kite strings are made of a tough marine UV resistant material to ensure ease of use and long life.