Outrigger Line Holders: the Key to Excellent Organization

Organization. Probably one of the most overlooked aspects of fishing. To some, it comes naturally. To others, it’s a trait learned over time. Being an unorganized fisherman can invite heartache and frustration aboard almost any vessel but especially one bound for a day offshore.

Gear not cooperating, losing and missing fish all because of being unorganized…how is that possible? Every kind of line aboard an offshore fishing vessel has memory, and memory in fishing and outrigging lines can be a pain to deal with and result in missed fish.

Memory occurs naturally in heavy monofilament line. Straight from the factory, right off the spool, heavy pound test line will mimic still being on the spool. This is what is known as “memory.” Monofilament fishing line left unattended on a reel with a hook tied to it secured to a hook-keeper on a rod left alone for a while will most certainly have memory the next time you go to use it. You will be able to see the kinks and bends in the line from where it went through the last guide. Managing memory is a part of fishing, but if taking proper care, anglers can avoid this and other repercussions of being unorganized.

Outrigger line can be expensive and cumbersome. Typically rated for 400 pounds, if not cared for correctly, outrigger line can succumb to lots of bad memory, making outriggers difficult to operate. Unwanted memory in outrigger lines can result in an undesired bait spread. An integral part of a successful offshore fishing trip is taking the best care possible of the outrigger lines to ensure the smoothness of their operation.

Tigress Outriggers & Gear makes Outrigger Line Holders that attach directly to the outrigger, and are easy to use and simple to install. Sold in a pair, the Outrigger Line Holders are an offshore angler’s best defense against unwanted line memory, keeping outrigger lines organized while outrigger poles are collapsed. The holders fit both 1-1/8” and 1-1/2” outrigger poles. Check it out. It may be time for you to invest in organization!